We are happy to inform you that the 4th edition of dunaPart – platform of Hungarian Contemporary Performing Arts is on its way. The platform will be held between 29 Nov and 2 Dec 2017 organized by Trafó House of Contemporary Arts with the participation of other venues and organizations in Budapest.

Likewise the previous editions of dunaPart we will be showing the most interesting productions and initiatives from the independent theatre and dance field from Hungary.

Registration is open as of 1 September, so please register to the event!

We will be publishing the detailed schedule of the programme no later than 25 September. Please check below the list of shows selected into the artistic programme.

Until then if you would like to make your travel arrangements, please note, that the dance programme will be starting at 5pm on 29 November and the first theatre show will be beginning at 7pm on 29 November. The whole platform will finish late in the evening on 2 December.

With any enquiries please write to: info@dunapart.net

We hope to see you in Budapest!


      Proton Theatre: Imitation of Life, directed by Kornél Mundruczó

Látókép Ensemble: Kálmán Day, directed by Szabolcs Hajdu

selftheatre.org/HeartVoices: Long Live Regina!, directed by Edit Romankovics

Kristóf Kelemen – Bence György Pálinkás: Hungarian Acacia, directed by Kristóf Kelemen, Bence György Pálinkás

GroundFloor Group: Parental Ctrl, directed by Ferenc Sinkó

Round Table TIE Company and InSite DramaThe Giant’s Embrace, directed by Ceri Townsend

STEREO Akt – Lifeboat Unit: Addressless – vagabond role game, directed by Martin Boross

Secret Company: Tomfairy - or the birth of the worldhero whose godmother was Saint Peter, directed by Péter Kárpáti

Andrea Pass: Sunflower, directed by Andrea Pass

Gogol: Diary of a Madman, directed by Viktor Bodó

Káva Drama/Theatre in Education AssociationPeer Gynt, directed by Csaba Polgár

dollardaddy’s: Chekhov, directed by Tamás Ördög

Dostoievsky: Crime and Punishment, directed by Csaba Horváth


DANCE performances

      Hodworks: Soloschoreographer: Adrienn Hód

Timothy and the Things: Waiting for Schrödinger, choreographed by László Fülöp

Artus Company: Drop Canon, directed and choreographed by Gábor Goda

Marcio Kerber Canabarro – Csaba Molnár: Tropical Escape

Imre Vass: taking place

Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi: 1.7

Csaba Molnár: Eclipse

Forte Company: Concerto/String Quartet No5, choreographed by Csaba Horváth

Gyula Cserepes: Selfy

Rita GóbiVolitant

      bodylotion co-dance: Duel, choreographed by Virág Arany, Júlia Hadi

Beatrix Simkó – Central Europe Dance Theatre: Circul8

Valencia James: Between the World and Me

Ferenc Fehér: The Station

Zoltán Nagy: Dark Horse


Freak Fusion: fightinGravity